Full Paediatric First Aid - Two day Practical

This course is aimed at all professionals who work with babies and children on a regular basis and will teach you how to response in an emergency. It covers fundamental first aid topics and will look at how somethings might have changed during this COVID-10 pandemic. 
The course is delivered by a certified trainer and contains videos, illustrations and resources meet all learning styles. Following completion of the 2 day training, the aim is for you to be more confident in responding where necessary and knowing when to seek further medical advise/intervention. 

More about the course

This course has been designed specifically for Early Years Practitioners working in nurseries, childminding, nannies or within school but is also suitable for any other professional that works directly with babies and children.
The 2 day full Paediatric First Aid Course covers following subjects:

    AED Baby/Child/Adult
    Allergic Reaction
    Broken Bones 
    Burns and Scalds
    CPR Baby/Child/Adult
    Electric Shock
    Eye Injury
    Febrile Convulsion
    Head Injury
    Heat Stroke
    Minor Injuries
    Recovery Position
    Spinal Injury
    Sprains and Strains
    Unconscious Child
    Wound Packing

You will receive a FREE Paediatric First Aid Manual and have the option to take an Annual Refresher Course.

  • Pick a plan

    If you attend our schedule training, the cost is set at £85.
    For a group booking, the price is set at £800

  • Duration

    Two days of Practical Paediatric First Aid Training - 6 hours each day. We usually start at 9am - 4:30pm with 30 minutes break.