Early Language Learning; Why Not Start as we Mean to go on?

Early Language Learning; Why Not Start as we Mean to go on?

I remember my first ever French lesson when I was at Junior school.  Monsieur Crompton took us all outside and taught usà droiteandà gauche by taking it in turns to blindfold and direct each other around the playground. From that moment on, I was completely hooked on the French language.  I LOVED it.  For me, it was about opening up a new world, with new opportunities to communicate with different people. Suddenly, I was more aware that the world was a much bigger place.

 This is the Best Time

Nowadays, there’s actually no reason to wait until Junior school age to start learning a second language.  At Kidslingo, we teach French and Spanish to children from birth to age 11. “From birth?”, I hear you cry! “What is the point of that if they’re still mastering English?”In fact, when it comes to language learning, earlier really is better.  It makes sense really. If you’ve ever been stunned when your child says a new word or puts together a new sentence, you’ll know that their little brains are like sponges.  We watch in amazement as they learn the English language, and the same goes for all other languages.  Not only can they learn languages more easily at a young age, but their accent will be better too.

It’s Fun

Kids of course, need to be kids. That is why a fun approach to language learning is so important in their early years. Kidslingo classes are all about fun! Our classes are very interactive, using songs, games, drama and stories to bring the language to life.There is nothing more rewarding than hearing the children shout out a new word they’ve learned, or sing all the words to a new French song. In the process, I like to think, they are also opening their young minds to the world around them and laying a foundation for an exciting, multilingual future.

To find out more about Kidslingo French classes in North East Birmingham, contact Amy atamya@kidslingo.co.uk or 07931 786 041 or visit Facebook Kidslingo AmyA