Benefits of Early Years Education

Benefits of Early Years Education

Good morning and Happy New Year from all of us here at Moonstone.

It’s great to have all the children back and to listen to all their amazing stories about what they did over the Christmas break.

Children learn so much from other children. Socialising with children of their own age have invaluable benefits to their future development. 

Children learn so much from other children. Socialising with children of their own age have invaluable benefits to their future development. 

It never ceases to amaze me; the sacrifice parents make for their children. Yes, the people who have time to do all the research have said we better start saving now for 2021 Christmas because the debt some of us have put ourselves in just to make sure our children don’t ever feel left out. And for those who didn’t have to use the credit cards, some of us went without or had less ourselves so the children had exactly what they wanted.

We did all that because we want our children to be happy and to have a great memory of childhood.

How to Invest for the Future

Now the holidays are over, we really don’t have to stop. One of the best ways we can invest in their childhood is through good Early Years Education in quality provisions. They (whoever they are) say that the most vital years of our lives are the first five. I believe that though school is important, if our children start primary school behind their peers, they must spend so much of those years trying to catch up and some never really do.

3 Benefits Your Baby Will Have From Being in a Quality Early Years Provision.

1) Improved social skills – children learn to socialize with other children and adults, to gain key skills that allow them to listen and take instructions, to express themselves, make 

friends, share and cooperate independent of mom and dad. This will prove vital when they start school as it helps them to settle in a larger environment so much quicker.

2) Better performance in school – surely this is affected by the quality of the Early Years’ experience but taking it for granted that the provision is good, the early years curriculum helps to build a strong foundation for children’s physical, mental, emotional and social development which prepares them for life. Children who have been in good early years provisions are shown to require less intervention in primary school and for those who require it, the need is identified much earlier reducing unnecessary delays once they start formal education.

3) The third benefit for children in a quality setting is an improved attention span – in early years settings, children are accustomed to working in groups. The inevitable outcome is that they feed off each other’s experiences. Children therefore become more curious and eager to discover new things, new environments, new friends all the time unconsciously learning to balance this with the ability to listen, participate in groups, follow instructions, work on their own and that skill that will help them thrive later – CONCENTRATION.

There are hundreds of other benefits to be had from learning to separate from parents in the early stages of live and because we love them so much, we always want to do the things for them that makes them better people.

What Now?

If you are local to any of our nurseries, COME AND SEE what we do and how we do it. We guarantee you will not be disappointed when you see the look on you baby’s face as they enjoy learning.

If you are not local to us, find your local nurseries and see what they offer. We are happy to spend some time with you still, answering some questions you may have about what to look for and what to expect.

Until then, HAVE A GREAT DAY!